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Live Oak Adds Organics

We’re continuing to make big moves with the launch of our organic green bell pepper program this 2020 season. We have strong supplies that started in July and will continue through the end of the season with the possibility of going year round. With our CCOF organic handler certification, we are packing organic green bells in 1 1/9 bushel. PLU is optional and other packs may be available upon request.

Our organic bells are being grown in Le Grand, California where we have partnered with local growers who hold a long-time organic certification through CCOF to provide organic green bells to customers. Fourth generation family member, Briana Giampaoli adds, “The topic of growing organics has been on the table for some time. It wasn’t a matter of if, it was a question of when. Though times are uncertain right now I believe adding organics was the right thing to do and will be a successful addition to our product line.”

Along with having organic green bell peppers we are also introducing our new 10lb Jalapeno food service box. Traditionally our Jalapeno operation was field packed, but we have decided to bring the operation in house to the packing facility. The Jalapenos will fun on a new versatile line that will allow them to better sort and pack their product with the flexibility of different pack styles to me our customers’ wants. Our jalapenos are offered from June to late October.

We as a company are at a level of wanting to bring more options to our customers while still holding our core values of the past generations. “Live Oak is capable of doing more but our foundation for loyalty, good quality, and good business will never be lost,” said Dominic Giampaoli, fourth generation family member, and farm manager.

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