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  • Does Live Oak grow organic tomatoes and peppers?
    To add a new question go toOur tomatoes and conventional and organically grown peppers are sustainability grown, just as we’ve been doing for generations. Organic growers use a number of the same practices as found on our farms. If you’re looking for the facts about pesticides used in the production of fresh vegetables, we suggest that you visit Safe Fruits and Veggies.
  • Are there any GMO's in Live Oak's tomatoes or peppers?
    Our tomatoes and peppers are non-GMO. Live Oak Farms grows hybrid varieties that represent a “best fit” to our needs for each growing location and to provide a flavorful eating experience.Hybrid tomatoes are crossbred from two or more different plants. Their seeds will revert back to one of the parent lines, so they are not reliable to grow from saved seed. Heirlooms are open-pollinated and can be grown from saved seed and replicate the original plant. There are also a growing number of “heirloom type” tomatoes, which are hybrid tomatoes that mimic heirloom tomatoes.
  • What stores sell Live Oak tomatoes and peppers?
    Always ask the produce manager if they carry Live Oak Farms. Chances are you’ve enjoyed Live Oak Farms tomatoes and peppers when dining at many of the largest restaurant chains in Canada and the U.S. Many of our peppers carry labels to identify they were grown by Live Oak Farms.
  • Can I buy Live Oak Farms tomatoes and peppers at the Farmers Market?
    Not at this time of year. When Live Oak Farms is featuring our specialty tomatoes and peppers, we’ll announce on Bob’s Blog or our Facebook page when and where you’ll be able to sample what’s new from the Giampaoli family.
  • Does Live Oak Farms allow consumers to pick their own vegetables?
    We’re sorry, but that’s not allowed. We’ve stringent food safety policies regarding any activity in our fields or packing houses.
  • Does Live Oak Farms grow hydroponic or greenhouse vegetables?
    Live Oak’s tomatoes are fresh from the fields of California’s San Joaquin Valley and the Central California Coast. We’ve the natural advantage of the warm California sun and the rich earth, teamed with the members of the Giampaoli family – generations of farmers committed to excellence – to grow the freshest vegetables without the need for creating an artificial indoor growing environment.
  • I'm a student doing a research project on farming. Can you help me?
    We’d be pleased to respond to your questions about farming in Central California. We’ve learned a lot over the past eight decades and would be pleased to help.
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