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A New Era Begins for Live Oak Peppers

Live Oak Farms today launched its 2018 pepper season on a new multi-million-dollar high-tech pepper pack line and will soon launch the expansion of our pepper program with our first ever Jalapeno harvest.

We’d set out to raise the bar on field bell pepper quality and today a new era has begun for Live Oak Farms. Well over two years of planning went into the design of the new pack line, which incorporates the latest grading technology and high levels of automation. The new line incorporates multiple camera systems developed by Aweta, a world-leader in pepper grading technology.

Live Oak Farms is known for its obsession with quality. Going forward, the new packing line allows Live Oak to broaden the number of packs, including private label projects, in response to customers who’ve been asking that the company expand its quality standards to a wider range of product. We’re now positioning our colored bell production around a model of product flexibility. We’re up for the challenge of meeting the most demanding requirements. Our quality standard may begin with the quality of our peppers, but our vision of quality extends to the service we provide our customers.

Live Oak Farms has an extensive field-trial program, evaluating dozens of varieties each year, with only the best advancing to its commercial production. With the new packing line, we’ve greater options to meet the needs of our existing customer base and new customers.

If you’d like to know more, here’s a look at our new operations.

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