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Welcome to Live Oak Farms

Welcome to Live Oak Farms. I’m Bob Giampaoli. I’m the CEO and I’m a third generation grower.

Our family has been growing tomatoes in Merced County for 85 years. We’ve learned a lot in those decades. Over the weeks to come, I’ll be sharing what life is like on the farm in Central California.

Many people look forward to summer, including my family. Chances are, you might even have a few tomato plants in your backyard. We have several million plants in our own backyard that are a few weeks away from harvest – the fields that we call home. Much of the land we farm today was farmed by my dad and my grandfather. And, I now have my son working alongside me. We like to say that Live Oak Farms is made up of generations of farmers who are committed to excellence.

While we’re a family farm, we feed millions. Supermarket and restaurants from California to New York, and from British Columbia to Newfoundland offer Live Oak’s fresh tomatoes and peppers each summer. You might ask why our tomatoes and peppers are sold across the country? We’d like to believe that it’s our commitment to doing things right that makes a difference. Our quality is the result of how we farm. When you’ve been farming pretty much the same land for about eight decades, well, we’d like to think we’re doing something right.

As a farmer, I have a passion for growing. It’s not just enough to grow a great tomato or pepper. We’re wanting to provide a healthy and safe product that meets or exceeds your expectations. It’s not quite as easy as you may think. Farming sometimes reminds me of a roller coaster – there are mountains to climb, and some big dips along the way, and the days go by fast; growing in the great outdoors is like that. Along with the goodness that comes from fresh produce ripened by the sun comes the challenge of rain, wind, and of course, the realities of California’s drought, now in its 4th year.

The drought is the big news in California this summer. At Live Oak Farms, we’ve been practicing water conservation measures for years. Let’s chat about that next week. Again, thanks for visiting Live Oak Farms. And, I always welcome your comments.

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