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A New Look. The Same Commitment to Excellence.

Guest contributor: Ed Beckman, Chief Operating Officer

Live Oak Farms has always embraced the legacy of our founders, who in 1929 packed quality field grown tomatoes under a Live Oak tree just outside of Le Grand, California. Today, we launch a new look for the sales and marketing side of Live Oak Farms that you’ll find throughout our website and Facebook page. It’s a look that respects our legacy while we grow our family-owned business. The strength of that massive Live Oak still resides in our brand, but there’s also a vibrant new look that represents our future path – one that’s bright with promise as we expand our products and operations to meet the needs of our customers and today’s consumer.

At Live Oak Farms, we’ve continued to grow for better than eight decades thanks to our family of owners and our family of workers, many who’ve been involved in the business for multiple decades. It takes a team effort, that’s very much grounded in a commitment to excellence, to enter our 88th year of business. That team effort isn’t unlike the roots of that stately Live Oak that have allowed that tree to stand tall for so many years.

We also recognize that our success is the result of the many customers who’ve partnered with Live Oak Farms to grow demand for our tomatoes and peppers at supermarkets and restaurants throughout North America. Our customers count on Live Oak Farms for the best in quality. While you’ll see some subtle changes in our packaging, our brands, Live Oak, Grand Too, Remo, and California, our tomatoes will continue to be industry leaders for their market segment. While you’ll notice a bold new look to our PLU’s found on our bell peppers, our commitment to quality you’ve come to expect from Live Oak is unchanged.

Our founders had the vision to commit to quality and to the community we call home. With a refreshed look to our marketing efforts, we’re ready to meet the challenges and capitalize on opportunities with that same dedication to excellence in each tomato and pepper we grow.

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